Konica USB Webcam Linux Driver

This is a linux driver for webcams based on a chipset by Konica. This chipset is used in the Intel YC76 and should work with any USB webcam that has vendor/product code 0x04c8, 0x0720.

The camera works in four modes: 160x120, 160x136, 176x144, 320x240 with the mode and camera settings set by the following module options:
sizeFrame Size0: 160x120
1: 160x136
2: 176x144
3: 320x240
speedFPS0 - 6 (see below)6
brightnessInitial brightness0 - 10854
contrastInitial contrast0 - 10854
saturationInitial saturation0 - 10854
sharpnessInitial brightness0 - 10854
whitebalInitial white balance0 - 363270
debugDebug level0-90

The speed of the camera (FPS) using the speed option varies according to the size
Size \ Speed0123456

Patch for 2.5.4-pre2 patch-2.5.4-pre2-konicawc.diff (diffstat)

Updated Feb 10: Includes speed option and brightness / contrast controls
Patch for 2.5.4-pre5 patch-2.5.4-pre5-konicawc.diff (diffstat)

Patch (01-May-2002)

  • Fixes occasional corrupton.
  • Allows the frame rate to be adjusted dynamically.
  • Minor code cleanups.

    Patch for 2.5.12 patch-2.5.12-konicawc.diff (diffstat)

    Patch (11-May-2002)

  • Add 160x120 Mode
  • Minor code cleanups
    Forward port of latest code to 2.5.15 and backport to 2.4.19-pre8. The 2.4 backport
    currently doesnt have the dynamic frame size and speed IOCTL as usbvideo.c hasnt been fully backported.
    patch-2.5.15-konicawc.diff (diffstat)
    patch-2.4.19-pre8-konicawc.diff (diffstat)
    The only remaining issue are minor corruption and excessive CPU use which sometimes leads to frames being dropped.

    Patch (29-Sept-2002)
  • More dropped frame bugs removed. They still occur but only if the data stream gets out of sync.
    The latest code is now in 2.5 as of 2.5.32. Below are some backports to 2.4.
    They also include a backport of the latest fixes to the usbvideo module which is used by some of the USB cameras.

    Simon Evans
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