Belkin F5U011 USB Ethernet Adaptor Linux Driver

This patch adds support for the Belkin F5U011 to the catc.c driver. It is currently a work in progress and is complete except for the following issues:

It has support for Ethtool ioctls. The patch is against 2.5.4.

This device has the same USB vendor/product code (0x0423/0x000a) as the
CATC NetMate device. However, even though this device is based on a CATC
board, the catc.c driver that comes with Linux does not work with this device
as it as a simpler device than the NetMate device. Unlike the NetMate,
it only appears to allow one packet at a time to be transmitted or received
to the device (the NetMate allows write combining to increase performance).
It also has fewer commands, no registers and no LED control.

patch-2.5.4-f5u011.diff (diffstat)

NEW This patch adds a fix for the multicast hash code.
The code has also been better intergrated into the catc.c file
so it is a smaller patch. This patch is against 2.5.5.

patch-2.5.5-f5u011.diff (diffstat)

Backport of the above patch to 2.4.

This code is now in 2.5.7.

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